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Link Gumbo 8/18/10

Time to get over our blues people, 17 DAYS TILL FOOTBALL!


As what's left of TD 5 continues to hover over Baton Rouge, fall camp had it's 3rd straight day indoors. We'll likely see a 4th today as the heavy downpours continue.

CAMP REPORTS: As expected, T.C. McCartney remains last on the depth chart. I continue to hold out hope that he gets a shot one day. More on Barrett Bailey later today; Terrence Toliver has no lingering effects from that one night at Fred's last February; Position experimentation continues with DB Sam Gibson taking snaps at WR and Lamin Barrow working with the 1st team as a potential sub for the injured Ryan Baker at WLB; Hotard at the Advoc has a profile of Joseph Barksdale, this year's anchor on the blind side.

Mainieri continues to have a knack for diffusing any panic about his ball club and his still great incoming class. If you have any lingering fears, just go watch his press conference video from yesterday. I guarantee you will feel better after seeing the confident mood he was in. Practices will begin in late September.

The Baton Rouge Advocate's annual giant football guide is now up for your enjoyment in both print and online forms. It includes a fairly lengthy story on Les Miles' family.

For the 7th straight year, all 68,650 season tickets are sold out. Condolences to the "few thousand" who missed the cut this year. Speaking of, a little birdie told me that you should expect delivery soon after they begin shipping on Monday.

College Gameday will again start the year at the Chick-fil-A game. Early estimates point to WVU or Bama as opportunities for them to come to our citaaaaay and ruin tailgating on the north side of the parade grounds. (Go back to the Ramp!) (Also, after a year of Chesney, I WANT Big and Rich back.)

As rumored, grayshirt loss Elliott Porter has transferred to Kentucky.

TE Coach Steve Ensminger's son is now the starting QB at La Tech.

Volleyball will start the year ranked 23rd. First game is on the 27th.


After the break Shaquille O'neal and Gary Busey. Because it's Wednesday and we need to get fired up for the season again.