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The Preseason BlogPoll: Now 10% More Unreasonable

Here's my wild guess well-researched prognistication for the BlogPoll.  Explanations to follow.


1-5  I'm a firm believer that the defending national champion should start the next season as the #1 team.  I reserve the right to drop Alabama even if they do not lose because someone else looks more impressive, but I will wait until someone actually looks more impressive.  I'm really not sold on any contender this year, though I have to admit: I really like Ohio St's chances.  Virginia Tech lost a lot on defense, but I'm a pretty staunch believer in Bud Foster's ability to reload on the fly. 

6-10  Yes, OREGON STATE.  Why the hell not?  The Beavers are a contender every year, and they did it last year with a defense that was nothing more than smoke and mirrors.  Now, the growing pains of playing a bunch of underclassmen should pay off.  The defense should improve, and the Rodgers brothers are sort of good.   I'm in wait-and-see mode with Boise again, but they start off with VT and will have the opportunity to move into the top five with a win. 

11-15 This is my group of "sleepers".  All of these teams have huge question marks, but all of them could also win their conference if things fall into place.  OU has to replace a bunch of 1st rounders, but they are still, well, Oklahoma.  Iowa gets all of their big games at home, and have a veteran senior QB.  LSU is an offensive line away from contention.  USC may be on probation and coached by Kiffin, but they still have more talent than just about anyone.  Wisconsin might be the most talented team in the Big Ten, but I'm curious how they choke this year.

16-20  Speaking of sleepers.  I think there are a lot good teams this year, but no great ones.  I also think this is the year UCONN breaks through and wins the Big East.  The whole conference is a muddle, but I think they turn those narrow losses into wins this year.  UNC would have ranked higher, but I'm cautious in the wake of AgentGate.  Miami and Georgia could both be poised to have great years, but neither have earned the benefit of the doubt recently.  Just keep an eye out for them.

21-25 I really like this A&M team, but that could just be something they put in the water by my house.  I rank my third Big East team, which makes me nervous.  FSU is too talented to be 7-6 again though I admit I'm probably underrating Utah.  Arkansas makes my final ballot and they could improve on this rank if they suddenly find a defense because that offense is downright terrifying. 

Who do you have?