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Hard Nicks: 2010 LSU Football Preseason Camp Injury List



After a question in last week's comments, I went back and reviewed the practice reports from The Advocate, The Times-Pic, and other sources to see just how banged up we've gotten in fall camp. Due to the nature of the reports, and the fact that some practices have been closed to the media, this list is by no means complete and in some cases is just guess work. "Unspecified" is used when players are reported to have a generic "injury" or are missing from practice with no info as to why.

OL Josh Dworaczyk - "illness" Unknown lung infection -  missed Aug 6th - 8th

RB Jakhari Gore - "a minor soft tissue injury" - missed Aug 13th - 15th

DT Josh Downs - unspecified- missed Aug 13th - 15th - carted off the field Aug 19th, seen "doing light running along the sidelines" out of pads on Aug 21st

OLB Ryan Baker - Broken Jaw - Aug 13th out 4-6 weeks

S Karnell Hatcher - unspecified - missed Aug 15th; unspecified - missed Aug 21st

FB Brandon Worle - unspecified - missed Aug 15th

C P.J. Lonergan - unspecified - missed Aug 16th - 18th

WR Russell Shepard - "had a little nick, nothing serious" - missed Aug 17th

LB Lamin Barrow - unspecified, reported "sore knee" on Aug 17th - missed Aug 18th

WR Chris Tolliver- unspecified - missing since Aug 18th - WAFB reported from family sources he suffered a concussion Aug 17th, no comment as of Aug 21 (Les Miles was not asked by the media about it after Aug 21 practice, which I find odd as WAFB said they were attempting to get confirmation on this)

CB Mo Claiborne - "out sick" - missed Aug 17th - 21st EDIT: was back on Saturday

Updates as of Aug 24th. Chris Tolliver head injury confirmed, Karnell Hatcher knee problems confirmed, both not likely to play in UNC game.


In summary, currently out for injury (as of Saturday Aug 21st practice) are DT Josh Downs (will likely return soon), OLB Ryan Baker (will be back as early as Vandy Game week, but likely much later), S Karnell Hatcher, CB Mo Claiborne, and WR Chris Tolliver. Claiborne's absence is starting to worry me, but I wont get panicked till we have more info. It could be nothing. Chris Tolliver's status is more troubling. Clearly he has suffered some sort of serious injury, but I am very surprised we haven't heard anything concrete about it yet.

After a brief special teams practice today, the final camp practice is Monday followed by a Tuesday scrimmage and then the rest of the week off as classes begin, after which we enter game week mode for UNC.