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Link Gumbo 8/23/10

12 days...

Wont be seeing that again...



I was wrong last week when I said the LSU/Texas match was the first game of the season. It turns out it was just an exibition. The season actually started last night as the Lady Tigers Soccer team destroyed South Alabama 8-0. That's what you'd expect from the #20 team in the nation.

CAMP REPORTS: Russell Shepard still attends QB film sessions, but don't expect anything more than Wildcat snaps at this point;  Ron Brooks filled in well for the sick Mo Claiborne; but Mo Claiborne was back Saturday and practice was moved indoors after a time outside due to triple digit heat.

AP poll was released this weekend and LSU starts at it's lowest point since 2000, and in the poll Rosetta at The Advoc got his vote back this year and put Oklahoma #1

Finally some recognition, Josh Jasper is on the Groza watch list.

I'll give it to the AD, it takes a lot of guts to raise basketball season ticket prices after finishing last in the SEC, but that isn't stopping folks from buying them.

Chad Jones is still recovering from his accident, but is keeping his spirits up.

Sorry to say, but Holliday probably won't make the Texans roster.

We wont be seeing the video above anymore because they are making something new for this year.

Best of luck to all the Tigers heading back to class today, especially my friends who I expect to see at tailgates again this year. And best of luck to my friends who work for LSU and will now be stuck in traffic forever after work..

After the break, a leaked mixtape of some new jams in Death Valley this season.