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Link Gumbo 8/25/10

10 days...

"If you guys can't get it right, We are going to run this drill till your shoes fall off!"


FINAL CAMP REPORTS: Monday was the first day of class and the first day that walk-ons could report and 20 of them were added to the roster; Monday also saw the beginning of a focus on UNC and had the practice squad in blue jerseys; Kevin Minter and Lamin Barrow are filling in nicely for the injured Ryan Baker, to the point that Kelvin Sheppard may not have to move from MLB; Meanwhile, Stefoin Francois is working hard to earn his starting job as the other OLB; Looks like starting FB Dominque Allen was cut because of grades; S Craig Loston has been very impressive in camp, though he's still got some work to do to pass Jai Eugene; The Rev has a look at the changes to expect in Special Teams this season; I've posted Jim Kleinpeter from the Times-Pic's review of the final scrimmage after the break. At this point, practice is closed to the media from here on out for the rest of the year.

And now for some feel good stories. Seth Mannon was born without a left arm and still walked on to the team as a placekicker. The Times-Pic has a great story on how FR WR Armand Williams overcame the adversity of Katrina to get to LSU and get on the 3-deep in the first week of fall camp.

Soccer's dominating win over South Alabama was enough to move them up to #18 nationally and make Addie Eggleston SEC freshman of the week.

Even Bradley Dale Peveto has to defend Les Miles these days.

The first BlogPoll of the season will be out shortly, Doc Saturday's got us at #23.

Facing a looming shortage at QB, LSU looks to add another to this camp from the slim pickings still available. Word is we've offered to Cardale Jones out of Ohio. You can read up on him here.

ESPN's got an insanely early look at SEC basketball. Can't be worse than last year, but the immediate future is still murky.

Bob Wynn's got a good review of why recruits should pick LSU. It's all about playing on Sunday.


Here's an LSU season preview worth reading. And here's an SEC West discussion on a rivals site you'll find interesting. And we get some serious underrated comments from this SEC West discussion on our neighbor Bama blog. Also, I got asked a few questions about LSU over at SB Nation's BCS Evolution blog. I hope it's a good read.

Pretty good LSU Look-a-likes thread over on a UNC board. It's mostly harmless.

The first set of replacement windows will be up on TS before the first home game and they will be purple and gold windows. I know what you are thinking, but lets reserve judgment till we see them.

Unknown to me at the time, Trindon Holliday played in last weekend's preseason game with a broken thumb. He will be out for the year, but the Texans have not decided to cut him yet.

The University budget issue is getting worse. And thanks to a record sized freshman class and the closure of East Laville, Graham, and Kirby-Smith for renovations, there are nearly 700 students on the waiting list for campus dorms this year.

LSU video: Final scrimmage recap, 08-24-10