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Link Gumbo 8/6/10

29 days...

Fall Camp Day 1 Press Conference

Day 1 was indoors as it's been raining buckets all over the south this week(thought some of the afternoon session was outdoors). Typical of Miles' camps, it was a split-squad day, Vets then Rookies. Every year a few rookies are selected workout with the vets instead as a sort of test to see who's ready to make an immediate impact. This year's candidates so far are FB Travis Dickson and WRs Armand Williams and Kadron Boone.

If you watched Wednesday's press conference, you saw Miles drop a few jokes into the interview. It seems Laney at the Advoc wasn't laughing on the inside.

Zach Lee: still at LSU. Meanwhile, Ranaudo has reportedly made a class schedule for the fall.  One more week of waiting. Also, right on cue, Delino DeShields Jr. signed with the 'Stros yesterday.

Saturday Night Slant has a good run down of who's out there for LSU to sign at QB in the 2011 class.

Check out that Alan Faneca interview in the sidebar. I had completely missed that he's with Arizona now.

Fresh off his entertaining, if unsuccessful, foray into NASCAR, The Diesel is joining Big Baby in Boston next season.  Some fools on talk radio think Boston is overpaying, but as we all know, Shaq got rich in college.

SBNation's Celtics Blog, Celtics Blog, also conveniently ran a piece last week about how Davis is growing into a true asset for his team.

Meanwhile Ali Highsmith joins Jacob Hester, Craig Davis, Darry Beckwith, and Josh Reed at San Diego.'s list of 50 most painful upsets in college football continues. Let the smooth sounds of Ron Franklin tell you about #25...



I maintain that there are two unsung hero's of LSU football. One is Tommy Moffitt. The other is Doug Aucoin, LSU's video guru since the Dinardo era.

PROGRAMING NOTE: You've probably noticed that the Opponent Preview for Tenn. hasn't shown up yet. "Life" has gotten in the way a bit this week for me. It, and many more like it, will return to full steam next week, I promise. Not like a Tebow promise or anything, but still, a promise.

Remember that Fan Day is still scheduled for this Sunday at the PMAC. And don't forget to join us Sunday evening for another Replay Game Thread.

After the break, post practice interviews with the players.