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Link Gumbo 8/9/10

26 days.....39 days till tailgating

CLM after Sunday's practice. It's a bit hard to hear because of mic problems and Miles is very hoarse.


I love having a mountain of camp reports to read through. R Shep is fitting in well at WR; With more experienced guys in the two-deep, Miles will be more willing to put in O Line subs when needed; At least for now T-Bob is behind P.J. Lonergan at center; FR RB Jakari Gore worked out with the receivers on Saturday, probably to work on backfield and slot route catches; Chase Clement is adjusting well to the TE position; In camp DL coach Brick Haley and John Chavis aren't friendly people; The Times-Pic and The Advoc both spent time on Sunday relating just how awesome and amazingly talented Patrick Peterson is; And yes, it's true, Crowton is working with the QBs to make them better at locating safeties. Practice continues for the first time in full uniform today.

No more word on the potential 2011 Oregon/LSU in Dallas game, but it looks like Jerry wants to make it an annual "SEC v The World" match up with Bama/Michigan to follow in 2012.

I can not wait until Bass Fishing is a scholarship sport at LSU. It's right up their with Collegiate Auto Racing as one of my dream sports.

Mikie Mahtook was lighting up international competition at the World University Baseball Championships, hitting .467 through five games for Team USA. Sadly, the team came up short in the final game, losing to Cuba 4-3 in extra innings.

We've know for about a year now that Alleva has wanted to do some renovations to the North Stadium Drive area, and it looks like the first step is now in motion. As the beginning of fund raising for a much larger refurbishment project, you can now "replace a window in Tiger Stadium" starting with the North Stadium Dorms for $2000. The traditionalist in me hopes this would lead to a reopening of the dorms for students, but lets face facts. What we are really looking at is "Gameday Condos"

As for the Tigers in the Pros, Ricky Jean-Francois is taking advantage of a contract dispute to impress the 49ers coaches while Bennie BrazellRonnie Prude and Ryan Perrilloux have all been spotted on UFL rosters. (H/T WatsonTiger)

A special farewell today to Carl Dubois, who after years of work at The Advoc and later for Tiger Rag is heading to Oregon for a new print job. One of the best to cover the Tigers.