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Link Gumbo 9/1/10

3 days... Welcome to SEPTEMBER.

Monday interviews with Jordan Jefferson, Patrick Peterson, Russell Shepard, and Kelvin Sheppard


REMINDER: It's not too late to sign up for the ATVS - Geaux Show Pick'em challenge. There are 32 of you so far. Best name of the bunch: Ryan Perrilloux's Goatee.


Things get real quiet with no open practices to cover, so lets knock on wood and look at the disasters happening all around us. UNC has become very cagey with the media since last weeks revelation of a second incident, to the point where they will not release a depth chart. Butch Davis was kind enough to confirm that noted INT machine and tackling dummy T.J. Yates will start at QB. Team Speed Kills has a good rundown of the big names that might not play Saturday and what effect it might have on UNC.

Masoli's transfer waiver was denied by the NCAA, thanks to an unexpected interpretation of "the intent of the waiver." The Rebs are taking it better than I expected. Even though this s a big help to everyone in the SEC West, I have to say I'm on Masoli's side here. Sure his "intent" had nothing to do with getting a Parks and Recreation Masters at Ole Miss, but neither has any other Masters Waiver transfer. The NCAA is slowly but surely pissing off more and more important programs after having slain the beast that was USC. You have to wonder at what point does it end?

Meanwhile, some bammers have probably entered full meltdown mode now that Ingram will most certainly miss the Penn St. game. Rumors persisted last night that Trent Richardson, Ingram's counterpoint in the back field, has a separated shoulder, but it probably a specious rumor. I certainly wouldn't want to spread that rumor, No sir.

Onto the Tigers. Seriously, who here really believed there was a QB controversy? How about the "Les Doesn't Play Freshman" meme. Can we end that now too? Official nickname for the WR corps: The Trio. Verge Ausberry remains coy on a possible Oregon-LSU season starter next year, but says the schedule will be settled by the end of the week. Saturday Night Slat has a nice update on how some of our commits are doing in HS ball. And Bob Wynn looks at the known portion of UNC's lineup, the offense.

I'll note here that there are some solid rumors going around that TE Deangelo Peterson got hurt in Monday's practice, possibly a foot injury. But no one has confirmed this at all.

And that's it. There will be another press conference after practice today with player interviews, and The Les Miles Show is tonight at 7pm on stations across the state.

Joe Alleva has sent down the word from on high! Here's a copy of the sermon.

Student tickets are still available for the UNC game. You'll have to find your own way to ATL, though, as the Student Govt. Bus Trip sold out in July.

Johnny Reb's got some ideas on how to improve the SEC inter-divisional games.

Yahoo's main College Baseball writer grades the SEC, and we come in about where you'd expect.

EXPANSION GAMBIT UPDATE: I really can't beat this headline "BYU drops Mountain West, forms hip West Coast indie label"

After the break, Mo Claiborne answers questions from facebook.