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Good morning, or evening depending on when you see this. There are a lot of important games today, and then there is ours. To set the mood, lets hear a little number from former Vandy Coach Bobby Johnson and friends


I swear, that's the last time I'll make that joke. I mean it this time....


Without Bobby Johnson, the culture at Vandy has changed somewhat, both on...



...and off the field



In the relevant news and notes this morning, we have spy shots of the first 3 replaced windows on Tiger Stadium


And yesterday Kevin Mawae retired. He made the announcement at Vandy (he does some strength and conditioning work there) and Les Miles presented him a retirement gift, which lead to today's subject for the caption contest



And you may have heard about the excitement in the mountains last night. At this point I predict pure insanity in Death Valley in two weeks.

Time to get with it. First, join the valid consternation at the Big 10's "apology" for screwing Vandy out of last week's game, then go laugh at the boundless optimism at Anchor of Gold. As usual TSK has your look at the rest of the SEC. Those looking for serious reading material should check Mr. Hall's Wall-o-Text about his Behind the Scenes at ESPN Gameday experience. The gamethread will appear at the appropriate time.


BTW, that implosion noise you heard last night came from the other school in Tennessee.