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Thoughts from the South Endzone - LSU 27, Vandy 3

Still on the couch
Still on the couch

This season, I'll be keeping some notes during the game from my view in the South Endzone. It's not meant to be a proper game summary, just what I see in the stands and the general mood around me. Inaccuracies will be prevalent. Again, I'm riding a couch in Ponchatoula. This is also the Post game discussion thread.


1st Quarter

did vandy not finish painting the field?
herm? ugh
jj is not an option qb!!!
we got a gimmie there on that fumble
you have to be able to read that pitch
good thing the vandy qb overthrew
jj too panicy in the pocket
vandy running the meerkat
5 sacks already this year
not feeling good about a 90 yard drive
likin josh downs
welcome back baker
did we only have 10 guys on the field for that punt?
a mid range pass? is that possible?
vandy getting the better off our O-line
smart move for the first jj
too far back on that murphy pitch
a quarter already?

2nd Quarter

jj still locking onto recievers
r shep in motion is still a great play
running out of the pistol doesnt work for vandy either
wheres the face mask?
oline still getting beat
im liking that lsu espnu logo
nice coverage
what a horrible punt
nice push on 3rd and short
a lot of dancing in the pocket
pressure coming, threw it behind him
ball on the 30+yd line only get 3
nice blitz
another sack
blue not having a good night so far
dammit t-bob!
thats on shep, shoulda caught that
nevis channeling lavalais
way to go tyrann
5 sacks in a game?!
rs powering for the first
bad playcalling with only a minute left


3rd Quarter

nearly had that run stopped in the back field, bs on the penalty
three's alright
jj has to get rid of the ball faster
pass to the sticks, nice block
spencer ware wide open! to bad he tripped
horrible throw
6-18 against vandy with a pick so far for JJ
at least the d is holding
hope murphy hasn't blown out another knee
option NOT WORKING!!!!
nice run ridley


4th Quarter

ridley still doing well
i wish we would have gone for it
Graff, the oreo of explosion with the strip!!
ridley pushing for those yards
when did caldwell get glasses?
you my boy blue!
six sacks welcome back baker
a quarter back controversy with one completion