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Link Gumbo 9/15/10



There is a player noticeably absent from the above video. JJ's comments in the weekly press interviews this week about asking fans to be "realistic" and to "wait for me to help the offense"  have drawn a lot of criticism, especially from the factions who want him out as the starter. I've posted WBRZ's copy of the interview after the break.

Talk about production in the sack area. After two weeks LSU has one of the best defenses in the nation, including a nation-leading 10 sacks already this year.

TSK briefly quantifies how MSU's defense is showing improvement this year.

SNS returns from a brief absence to give their thoughts on the last few weeks.

In an effort to begin fighting years of erosion, the Indian Mounds are now off-limits on game days. They will be barricaded to avoid the heavy foot traffic damage, but accessible at all other times. There are also plans for a full scale excavation of the North Mound in the spring, which is sure to find decades of beer bottle caps before getting a foot down.

The Vet school has put out it's annual reminder that while they have spent a lot of time trying to make Mike more acclimated to his travel trailer, he's still a 400 lbs. tiger that's gonna do as he damn well pleases.

The most recent Parking Rules are out for this weekend (as usual expect major revision during the season).

Looking for a Time Sink in mid-September? How about a a 5-part Vandy Baseball preview?

According to SB Nation's resident BCS computer, LSU is one of ten teams that still have a legitimate shot at making the National Championship game.

In the latest development of realignment madness, the WAC is suing everybody.

After the break, a whole mess of videos, including a video for kids (and the squares) about how to appropriately act in Tiger Stadium (the Anchorman reference is a nice touch) and more reminders that the swim team is on a mission to use every single campus location as a training area.