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Link Gumbo 9/17/10

Mickey Mangham, All-American, Former TAF Chairman


We got word yesterday that RE Mickey Mangham passed away of a heart attack at his home in Lafayette yesterday at the age of 71. I'm sure the university will plan something to pay tribute to one of our best this weekend.

As Jrlz covered last night, Walk-on tryouts for the Men's Basketball team were held on Wednesday, with Daron Populist and Andrew Del Piero being selected. A third walk-on slot will be announced in the next few days. You students out there should know that there is also a poll being taken right now for this year's student section t-shirt.

We did a Q&A for our MSU counterpart yesterday. You might enjoy it.

Here's your weekly list of where LSU recruits are playing tonight.

We moved up 4 spots in the BlogPoll to #15 with 1 inexplicable 1st place vote (from a Sooner of all people)

There will be a new QB starting for the Harvard Crimson this weekend, perhaps you have heard of him? A Mr. Andrew Hatch?

After all the hubbub of Reggie Bush giving back his Heisman, SportsbyBrooks reminds us of the time Billy Cannon took a check from Pete Rozelle before playing in the '60 Sugar Bowl and wonders if the Heisman Trust should take back his trophy as well. To quote someone on twitter a few days ago: "You can have it when you pry it from T.J. Ribs cold, dead, hands"

Here's a nice piece on Daniel "Oreo of Explosion" Graff and how he went from a walk-on to a sixth-year scholarship player.

Les Miles, now on your iPad. I await your brilliant comments on this below.

Big Baby is back in town. I expect we'll see him on the field sometime tomorrow.

ATTN: Golfers. The U Club is back open.

In the latest addition to Shakin' the Southland's 2000 level course in Football Formations and Strategies they focus on the Nickel Package.

For those on campus, remember that Fall Fest starts this morning.

In campus budget news, the latest projections look even more dire, and there is talk of the faculty unionizing.

They got 3 more banks of windows into Tiger Stadium this week. You can really see what a difference it makes next to what is currently there.





Men's Tennis @ ULL Invitational


Soccer @ Illinois

Volleyball v. Auburn (SEC Home Opener)


Men's and Women's Cross Country @ Miss. St. invitational

Football v Miss. St.


Soccer v McNeese St.

Volleyball v UGA


After the break, another video grab bag with Big Baby, Trent Johnson, Les Miles, and the swim/dive coach




LSU video: Miles Wednesday postpractice, 09-15-10