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A Word About The Weekend

As it is the first home game of the year, I should make notice that things will be a little different in our coverage this weekend. I attend every home game I can and this weekend is no exception. Billy G. will also see this one in person, so Poseur and Paul will be on duty keeping an eye on things. Please direct any tips or concerns their way.


Home games also mean the long anticipated return of the The Geaux Show LIVE Tailgate. Think of it as College Gameday if they only talked about the SEC and River Parish Football. Still not quite sure on our exact start time, but we usually get rolling sometime around 8-9 am local time (weather permitting). Links for our live video stream will show up here close to show time.

After the show, your usual Pregame and Gamethreads will show up at the appropriate times. Initial Postgame coverage will be from Paul and Poseur, while reaction from Billy and I will come later on Sunday after we regain consciousness/sobriety.

If you will be attending the game or tailgating, please feel free to stop by mine and say hi. We are on the South end of the Parade Grounds, near the front steps of the union (map location after the break). Look for the short man in the jorts, stripes, and Chuck Taylors.



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