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First Impressions: LSU v Miss St.

Once again, this is without looking at a replay or a boxscore...

-- The defense is simply awesome.  I have no words.

-- LSU simply owns Mississippi St.  To all of you who picked this as your upset special: good call. 

-- Jefferson looked a lot better.  I'm positive he had a quiet night statisically, but he just looked more comfortable in the pocket.  It was a good game.

-- Josh Jasper.  Still great.

-- This was exactly what this team needed: a quietly dominant game that was, dare I say it, pretty boring.  MSU never threatened, and LSU drove up and down the field and won this won on field goals.

-- Work on the red zone offense.  That's the only real negative tonight except...

--... another friggin' fumble when trying to put the game away?!  WTF?

-- Patrick Peterson is God.  Kneel before Zod.