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Link Gumbo 9/2/10 - TODAY THERE IS FOOTBALL!

2 Days...


REMINDER: Pick's are due BEFORE KICKOFF TONIGHT for the ATVS - Geaux Show Pick'em challenge. There are 48 of you so far.

This will be short, but too much has happened in the last 24 hours to wait on it.

First some big recruiting news (all credit to the awesome twitter feed of @Sheadixon.) 2011 class DT Anthony "Freak" Johnson will graduate HS early and will start classes in the spring. And 2012 Top-Flight 5-star WR prospect Avery Johnson (Patrick Peterson's younger brother) has verbally committed to LSU.

DT Marvin Austin's suspension we knew about, but either this goes deeper than anyone imagined, or ESPN's Joe Schad has gone off his meds (or had his twitter account hacked) as he reports that up to SIXTEEN UNC PLAYERS may be held out of saturday's game in fear of a retroactive DQ, including, unexpectedly, all of their known options at RB. Joe Schad has proven to be somewhat reliable, but I'm holding onto my can of Morton's until kickoff.

From the video above, DT Josh Downs is back at practice and will be available for Saturday.

I know they ended up better than what we thought, but I'm still glad we aren't on Nike's hit list this year.

Who would've thought BYU would be the first team owned by ESPN? (between the TV deal, orchestrating the ND series, and pledging to help them into bowls that they own and operate, what exactly does the BYU AD have left to do?)

The Big Ten will split into divisions and OhiAAAUUUUGGHH! GERRY DINARDO! RUN!

After the break, last night's Les Miles Show