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Link Gumbo 9/24/10

Fell behind a bit this week, just means there is a lot more today. We are going to hear Country Roads till our ears fall off at the Tailgate this week, so lets set the mood with one of our own stadium favorites (I implore you all to sing this like you mean it this weekend. I will not have us out-country-ed in our own house by West Virginians)


Zod for Heisman, Mike for Cap One, and the LSU Publications Office for Poster of the Year.

We have failed to mention it, but as you've probably heard, TE Deangelo Peterson will play, if not start Saturday.

Lots of great stuff from our neighbors at The Smoking Musket this week. Their hour-by-hour prediction looks pretty spot-on, except for the ending of course. We also did the blogger thing and answered a few of their questions.

The SB Nation Pittsburgh guy, on the other hand, is waaaay off base. (Josh Jasper shanks one at the gun? Pu-lease)

BTW, if the worst should happen to Jasper, I'm blaming Hotard at The Advoc for saying it first.

It's a big weekend for the Big East in general (and it didn't start off well last night. WHY CAN'T I QUIT YOU, WANNSTACHE!?)

If you missed it, Lou Holtz doomed Boise St. last night.

Bill Stewart referencing a Civil War general. (chill out, he didn't pull a Mike Gillespie)

I missed posting this weeks Les Miles Radio show but Bob Wynn has a great summary, though he forgot to include Evil Twin's quote o' the week channeling Skip Bertman:

West Virginia is an old Indian word.....for Mississippi

We lost a spot (and our single insane first place vote) in this week's BlogPoll, dropping down to 16.

Our in-house BCS tabulations show that we are still in the title hunt.

TSK calculates how the SEC is doing in gaining "Other Yards." Guess who's leading?

In Baseball news, the 2010 class, even after all the draft attrition, was rated #1 nationally. It's our 2nd #1 class in the CPM era. Meanwhile, there has been a TON of grumbling from coaches all over college ball as the first bats that conform to the new standards are being practiced with. The news is not good for those of you wishing for the return of Gorilla Ball.

A little movement on the expansion front this week as Nebraska and Colorado have confirmed they will both move in 2011. Meanwhile the WAC is looking to add FCS stalwarts kinda good teams newcomers just to stay alive as a conference. I cannot say it loud enough La Tech, get yourself a CUSA spot and fast.

A Day in the Life of 4th-string QB Barret Bailey. Living the Dream

The Rev sat down with our new walk-on (and friend of the site) Andrew Del Piero.

Hide ya kids, Hide ya wife, Mettenberger gonna be visiting up in here.

The Byrdman is back in class, using his rehab time to finish his degree and do a little mentoring for our young receivers.

The Window Donation program is doing well.

After all this time, the NCAA has finally handed down UNC's first penalties.

Ole Miss fans should just stop watching football now.

Remember the new stadium intro video from last week? If you can identify the players and coaches in it, LSU has a prize for ya.

After the break, Ribbon cutting at the new basketball practice facility and the Les Miles Post practice Interview.