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Power Pollin' and BlogPollin' Week 5


I have been participating in these polls, I've just been bad about posting them here.  So here goes...

1 Alabama - Even when they played poorly, they look like the team to beat.  This is the best team in the country.

2 Arkansas - Power polls are a bit different than rankings, and it's hard not admire Arkansas going toe to toe with the big boy on the block.  Way to choke, jerks. 

3 LSU - The passing game is terrible, but the defense and special teams are just awesome.  Tyrannosaurus Rex fell down on the TD play and still almost made the stop. 

4 Florida - Great, great win. 

5 Auburn - I'm not a believer just yet, but that was a huge step in the right direction.

6 South Carolina - Yeah, I was fooled.  What was that?

7 Mississippi State - There's a definite line between the haves and have nots.

8 Kentucky - Ouch.

9 Vanderbilt - They have a conference win.

10 Georgia - Things have completely spiraled out of control. 

11 Tennessee - Well, if you're looking for positives, Saban lost to UAB in his first season at LSU, so by that metric, Dooley's ahead of Saban...

12 Ole Miss- Welcome back to the land of the living.

BlogPoll after the break...


1-5.  Boise gets a big win and moves back into the elite group.  Bama is still the easy #1, though Ohio st at least merits consideration.

6-10.  Slight movement, mainly based on Boise leapfrogging everybody.  Still, I'm not particularly sold on anyone.  Everyone's in flux.

11-15.  Arkansas is not punished for losing to the best team in the nation.  Florida is back to knocking on the top ten's door, let's see if it's more than one good game. 

16-25.  Really.... whatever.  I have no idea how to fill out the back end of the bracket.  But it was fun dropping Texas out for that miserable performance to a 2-2 team.