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Link Gumbo 9/3/10

1 day....


LSU Football Team - Year Unknown - In front of the old Pentagon Barracks



WHAT A NIGHT! Too bad about the Wannstache, but at least TULANE FAILED TO COVER THE SPREAD ON 1-AA SELA!

No confirmation of UNC WR Greg Little or any other players besides Marvin Austin being left behind. But they do have to board the bus sometime today, and I'm sure we'll here more as the day goes on. I'll try to refrain from posting rumors during the day, but If you think we've missed one, please feel free to use the fanshot and fanpost systems to alert us.

There was a great interview with Jordan Jefferson from AOLFanhouse yesterday.

Step into the Wayback machine and take a look at the 1965 LSU @ UNC game (H/T Carolina March and our own janepriceestrada)

The Times-Pic has a great listing of where all of LSU's 2011 commitments will be playing in HS games around the state.

Fresh off a team meeting with Shaq, CTJ will be in ATL today at the Atlanta Motor Speedway for the Coca-Cola Racing Family Ride Along Friday. You'll see bits of this during the telecast Saturday.

Here's Mike VI, just hangin' out.

LSU has some new ads for the uni that will run during the games this year, I've posted one after the break.

More to come today, and Gamethreads All day tomorrow.



#21 Volleyball @ TCU tourney. 1st match at 11am today.

#23 Soccer @ #16 Wake Forest 6:30pm Tonight. @ #23 Virginia Tech (not a typo) Sunday 10:30am

#21 Football v. #18 UNC (in Atlanta) 7pm Saturday, ABC