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Thoughts from the South Endzone - LSU 30, UNC 24

My view for the game
My view for the game

This season, I'll be keeping some notes during the game from my view in the South Endzone. It's not meant to be a proper game summary, just what I see in the stands and the general mood around me. Inaccuracies will be prevalent. Obviously this week I wasn't in ATL, so here's my thoughts from a couch in Ponchatoula.

1st qtr
Kickoff, already tired of musberger
Like the aggressiveness on d.  Woo fumble!
blackwell hurt on the first play, not good juju
way to take advantage of that bad snap
two turnovers, need to get points on these
quick slants working
nice blocks on the ridley run
not a good sign for blackwell to be carted off
hurst needs to block that better
Pass to RS. In coverage. Over the middle. new era arrived?
kinda worried about jasper? no. shut up mussburger.
d line looking good so far, but is it just unc?
pp odd end to that return
should have been a catch, helmet to helmet wheres the flag?
d staying agressive, gotta keep that speed up
dammnit fruge!
bend dont break, bend dont break, repeat to calm nerves
end 1st

2nd qtr
great unc drive(with 30 penalty yards)
fliping back and forth with tcu osu on commercial breaks; room mixed on the lizard skin.
pp is a north-south runner, likin' it
ridley up the middle on third and short, impressive
not streching the field on O, gonna make it a long night
yates getting a little more comfortable. and takes advantage. what happened to the coverage!
good luck on that drop, ill take a fg
pp getting even better
RS woooooo! ( jasper still jittery?)
losing respect for unc's oline
better play calling this drive, Billy G influenced?
gah fumble, but aggressive d making up for it
pp td! woooooo! him and rs fighting for game mvp
b taylor nearly got that pick, but i like the coverage
gotta wrap up! thanks for the spot sec ref
if unc wants to keep punting to pp, i guess he'll just have to keep doing amazing returns
if you had 244+ return yds in 2 qts you'd need to go to the locker for fluids too

came back just in time for the fumble. Ridley? having ball control issues
loved that defensive series
K sheppard, cramp, VERY NERVOUS
unc finally learned how to punt away.
gotta know where the sticks are tt
pp still out. nevis out for a few downs, and b taylor gets hurt
how far is this d going to bend? somebody is waaay too confident after the half.
pp back in to go for the return yard record
going too coservative on o, falling into old habits.
d woke up a bit, nice call out for tyrannn
seem kinda sluggish on o, feels like we are trying to run out the clock instead of kill these guys


staying conservative but ridley doing well
GAH! cmon jj
this weeks practice priority: throwing the ball away
asleep on d, how do you let that happen!?
letting them back in this game
LBs getting beat in the short game, unc putting on a clinic for the rest of the SEC.
so les waits till now to get fired up!? great
defense saved our ass, thanks mingo
ridley with ball control issues. AGAIN.
we still cant cover the short field
peterson cramping again!
after all that, after all that unc lost on both sides, we are gonna let them drive all the way down the field and make yates into an all star?!
no coverage on the slot reciever
this was embarassing.
young team acting immature, thinking the game was over at the half. Bad coaching to not recognize this and get the kids' heads on straight




Your thoughts on this format are welcome. And this week, we'll use the comments below for post-game reaction until we get a proper recap up.