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Link Gumbo 9/6/10




Who knew this game had a trophy?

Hope you all enjoy your Labor Day. Try not to burn effigies of Les Miles on the grill.

IT"S VANDY GAMEWEEK! Head on down to Anchor of Gold and get yourself acquainted with them enlightened good ol' boys. But be warned, they've been known to ice a bro.

Reaction from the usual suspects is about what you'd expect. At The Advoc Rosetta is optimistic and thinks people, like the team did in the 2nd half, aren't giving enough respect to the Tarheels. DeShazier at the Times-Pic thinks this game was a warning for the team about what happens when you lose focus. (WARNING: Greenies ahead) Our counterpart at Carolina March thinks his still depleted team now has a chance in the ACC and PJ at InTheBleachers has been reduced to a fit of insane laughter.

To all this, Miles merely replied: "Woeojuwejhdjwe"

TigerTex pointed out this quote from an ESPN recap. I hope someone asks Miles about it today.

In fact, Peterson was out of the game on the 97-yard touchdown pass by T.J. Yates to Jheranie Boyd because he said LSU defensive backs coach Ron Cooper wanted to get some of the younger guys in the game.

"I guess he thought we had a comfortable lead," Peterson said.

Stat o' the week: Patrick Peterson total yards: 257. Florida total offensive yards: 212

The Advoc reports that Will Blackwell is out indefinitely after breaking his left ankle and that there will be an announcement regarding the 2011 schedule on Tuesday. What do you say, GeauxDucks?

TeamSpeedKills has a few notes about the rest of this weekend's SEC action.

Some of the guys on the baseball team visited a fan in the Hospital last week.

Saints announced roster cuts aong with the rest of the league this weekend. Undrafted Harry Coleman has made the practice squad, while 4th rd draft pick Al Woods has been cut. There are more LSU players who did and didn't make cuts around the league, I'll try to have a more complete list later this week.

As I mentioned, The final baseball game ever at Rosenblatt was played last week. The Omaha World Herald has a great gallery from the night and the other Piv has a nice recap of the mood. I've also posted some video after the break.

One last note about UNC, D Line coach John Blake has become the first coach to "resign" over the scandal.

Summary of the Pick'em game will wait till tomorrow due to Boise-VT tonight. No one is perfect, but alot of you are doing better than .500

The weekly Monday lunch press conference will still happen today, as far as I know. (they canceled it last year for Labor Day) We'll have the video as soon as it's available.


#21 Volleyball sweeps TCU Invitational against TCU, Alcorn, and Central Arkansas

#23 Soccer falls to #16 Wake Forest on Friday and to Virginia Tech on Sunday

#21 Football Defeats #18 UNC