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2010 Preview Update: Vandy

Time to take a look back and see how our opponents have held up to my preseason prognostication. One game isn't exactly a lot to go on, but lets make sweeping assumptions anyway.


2010 Season Preview - Week 2 @ Vanderbilt, Sept. 11th <--READ THIS FIRST


Even at less than 100% coming off a nebulous knee "flare up" Warren Norman is still the man for Vandy, leading with 136 all purpose yards with 1 TD. He only led in kick returns with 2 for ~30yds but he was also a rushing and occasional passing threat. We'll have to watch and see if they feel comfortable giving him a bigger workload this week. At his side, Zac Stacy was a capable back with 69 yds on 9 carries and a TD of his own. Vandy is going to need more production from both to be successful in this one.


QB Larry Smith was about what we expected, so he still needs to improve. 19-33 for 240, 1 TD, and 1 pick; 48 yds on 14 rushes with 1 sack is about what he did last season. There has been no talk of Rodgers or Funk getting to the field yet and I wouldn't have expected it this early unless something disastrous happened.

The Rest

After giving up 10 points quickly, the 'Dores feared the worst, but the D locked it down for a while. Northwestern's QB had a great night going 19 for 21, 222 yds and 3 tds, but he was supposed to be the highlight for NU anyway. Special Teams are a concern, as there was an early missed PAT, which led to a botched 2 point conversion, which became the difference in this game.

If we are just going on getting community support, Robbie Caldwell is winning big. Word is the house was rockin' with Dores fans last week (whatever that looks like). You can assume a packed house of Vandy fans that hasn't had their season crushed yet to meet us this weekend. Neutralize them early. I've gone on record as liking Caldwell and wanting him to succeed, but after last week we have no choice. Vandy must be crushed, completely. We are going to have to make enemies this weekend.