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Link Gumbo 9/10/10


MY EARS ARE STILL RINGING! Also, The Favre still lives.

Not sure what's going on with the sidebar ads today, just know it's not just you.

R Sheppard: QB, WR, RB, Co-Passing Game Coordinator? I'm sure Crowton could use all the help he can get. I missed this from one of this week's earlier press conferences, but Les Miles thinks Deangelo Peterson is healing fast and might be back next week. The Patrick Peterson Heisman Campaign has officially begun. DL Commit Anthony Johnson has a good shot at the national high school career sack record of 70 (he's already at 50).

Vandy's official site has a great piece on the time the Kingfish took the cadets to Nashville back in '34.

Anchor of Gold is having a Name o' the Week Ballot. Lord Mingo commands you to stuff the ballot. And be sure to check out their review of this week's game notes.

Things are already getting chippy on the weekly radio show. Line of the night:

Later a caller berated Miles, asking why he used the strategy of not scoring in the second half. Miles waited for the caller to finish before getting as animated as he got during the hour-long show and snapped "Yeah, our philosophy is to not score in the second half, score as many points in the first half and then just hang in there for the rest."


Your weekly recruit watch list from The Times-Pic. Special note that OT La'El Collins, RB Jeremy Hill, and RB Kenny Hilliard will all be playing in the Redemptorist vs. Patterson game that will be LIVE on ESPNU Friday night at 7pm CST



Volleyball: v. UNC, v. Rice, v. NM St. Tiger Classic in B.R.

Women's Tennis @ SEC Fall Classic in Auburn

Men's Golf @ Gopher Invitational in Minn.

Football @ Vandy 6pm ESPNU

After the Break, R Shep playing soccer, and Coach Trent Johnson at Atlanta Motor Speedway