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Link Gumbo 1/10/11

Reposting because it's just so awesome


THERE IS A PRESS CONFERENCE AT 11AM! OH NOES! Relax, it's just Zod announcing he's going conquer another universe.

The seniors are also getting prepared for the next level, like Joe Barksdale who's off to Orlando for the East-West Shrine game.

So, it's come to the point where we are tailing the Miles family into church. The article from the Times-Pic also mentions that Bama and Florida, among others, are already trying to swipe recruits and that the asst. coaches are telling everyone he isn't going anywhere. Neither of those actions should be unexpected.

You only get one day without bad news as an LSU Basketball fan, as it was announced Sunday that Dennis Harris has been dismissed from the team, probably due to grades. Harris played in very limited action this year due to an early injury, but averaged 14 minutes off the bench a game last season.

After last week's upset at SCar, the Ladies were staring down the barrel of opening SEC play at 0-3, but they righted the ship in time to blow away Bama, 72-43. The Bama women have now lost 12 straight to LSU, 11 by double digits. The Ladies next head to Starkvegas @ 7pm Thursday on FSN where available.

A few other spring sports stared action recently that we've been lax in mentioning. #12 GYM lost in a close one, 195.400-193.350, at #8 Oregon St. to open the season. After last season's bloodless coup against their coach, both the mens and womens SWIM/DIVE teams are both off to good starts. Men's Tennis swept the doubles matches at a tournament in Key Biscayne, FL over the weekend.

I'm sure we are going to see a few more stories like this as the budget problems continue to worsen, but it feels like a bit of a stretch to say we lost out on a baseball recruit because we cut the legacy scholly he would be using (fifth story down). If he was that important, why didn't we give him a full athletic scholly?

Roll Bama Roll asks a good question: Just how in the world did Auburn get Trovon Reed and Greg Robinson out of Thibodaux?

On a related note, tickets for tonight's BCS title game could be the most expensive to any US sporting event ever. Which if you're rooting against Auburn is potentially hilarious.

BOWL PICK'EM UPDATE: Travvler's has a one game lead over Grayhound, followed by a massive pileup at 3rd place. However, as the last game is tonight and they both picked Auburn, Travvler is your winner. Your prize is a since of pride and a free ATVS T-Shirt (since when do we have T-Shirts? maybe i've said too much...) Same goes for ADD-Day who won the season pick'em game.

And not only am I still in last place, i've actually managed to widen the gap. I'm worse than people who DIDN'T COMPLETE THEIR PICK'EMS!