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Let's be better fans this time around.

Let's give to Coach Miles what he's deserved all along- adoration.  Don't just accept Miles.  Don't just embrace him either- adore him.  Bow down.  For he is the king of LSU.

Les Miles is an LSU man, now and forever.  By spurning Michigan a second time, Miles has proven that he wants to be LSU's coach forever, and that's exactly why we should love him.  He has done what Saban didn't do- stay here.  That's why Miles, and not Saban, is and will be the greatest coach in LSU history.

Let's enjoy the quirkiness.  Let's love the way he wears his hat and the way he talks during interviews.  Let's love the seal clap and the grass grazing.  Let's even love the time management, and the unnecessary drama.  Let's love these things because they are the by-products of Les Miles' greatness.

I won't say names, but there are some LSU fans who don't deserve to have a brilliant, loyal winner like Miles coaching their favorite team.  Hell, I'm not even sure if I'm worthy.  But now is the chance for us to redeem ourselves as fans.

There's nothing delusional about optimism anymore.  Under the Hatter's helm, LSU is a great team, has been a great team, and will remain a great team.  So stop the hate, and feel the love.

You can start by making the following promise:

As of today (date) I, (your name), will refrain from writing or talking disrespectfully about Leslie Edwin Miles as long as he continues to produce winning seasons (i.e. not losing seasons) at LSU.