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Les Miles Press Conference and New Contract Details


Video from WAFB

The new contract is a slightly surprising one. Compensation remains at $3.7 million per year, giving credence to his statement about him not using the Michigan job as leverage in a bidding war. It lasts till 2017, and there are some new provisions for "compensation for championships and post-season accomplishments" which have not been detailed yet, but most certainly mean his bonuses for reaching and attaining SEC and National Championships has gone up. The "no rollover provisions" is being pointed to as a sign that this will be Miles' final job and contract, and while that's a possibility, it only really means that the contract doesn't automatically renew.

And a side update, the removal of Gary Crowton, at least for now, appears to have been greatly exaggerated. That's what happens when you trust reporters from the fictional town of Gannett, Louisiana.