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GAMETHREAD: LSU @ #13 Kentucky, 3pm CST, SECNet,

Going 2-0 in SEC West conference play is one thing. Beating Kentucky is quite another. But it's not impossible. And we're bringing a good luck charm in coach Dale Brown, a man who still gives Kentucky fans nightmares.

As for the current Tigers, Ralston Turner is still out and Storm Warren is still hurting but will play. If Green and D-Beck can stay on their hot streaks and we can limit our turnover problems, this could be a close one.

SBNation's Kentucky Blog A Sea Of Blue is predictably basketball mad and had this to say about today's game:

LSU does not look like much of a threat on paper, but they do have some players who are capable of really hurting Kentucky in certain parts of the game where the Wildcats are weak or lack depth, particularly in the offensive rebounding area. OR's are always going to be a worry for this Kentucky team due to lack of overall size and depth inside, and LSU is a good offensive rebounding team.


Kentucky should win this game, particularly at home, with relative ease. But if they sleepwalk through it defensively like they did versus Auburn, or fail to be offensively aggressive like they were against the Georgia Bulldogs, the suddenly resurgent Tigers could wind up 3-0.

I need to put some sleeping pills in the Wildcat's 10-K buckets.

While it's not the most important game of the year, Kentucky is the game that LSU, and all SEC "football schools" look to to define what kind of a season this is going to be. A loss is not terrible, in fact with the current state of the SEC West it's practically irrelevant, but a win can give the interest in the program a much needed shot in the arm.

Time to ride that wave of Delusional Optimism...

Game is on your JP/LF/Raycom affiliates and is not scheduled for a blackout on Here's the Louisiana stations affiliate list.

Alexandria - KLAX;

Baton Rouge - WBXH;

Lafayette - KADN;

Lake Charles - KVHP;

New Orleans - WUPL;

Shreveport - KSHV

Let's GEAUX!