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Link Gumbo 1/18/11


Enjoy it now, the well of hype videos is about to dry up for a few months

OC Update

Justin Fuente: OUT

Cam Cameron: OUT

Kragthorpe: Interview Confirmed

Mike Sanford (current Louisville OC): Will Interview

Arkansas has released their football schedule for the year, and it has the first mention I've heard of the LSU-ARK game getting moved back to Friday.

Kevin Koziol,  the 3B/P FR who was one of the better gets for this incoming class, is off the team after a DWI on Sunday.

Klienpeter at the Times-Pic has a pretty good summary of the Junior visits this weekend. He's also got an interview with AD Alleva that's worth a read.

The Lady Tigers also had a bad weekend, getting trounced by Auburn 65-53 on Sunday. The score looks closer than it was, as Auburn had a 50-28 lead in the middle of the second. They'll host Ole Miss on Thursday night.

Despite losing to Auburn in their SEC opener over the weekend, 0-2 GYM did manage to improve their average score and moved up a spot to #24 in the national rankings. They'll host Florida on Friday night.

In an effort to keep itself from being disbanded by the NCAA, the WAC is still looking to fill out it's football membership and is looking at USL as an expansion candidate (Insert repeated warning to La Tech to get out of their while they still can here)