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Link Gumbo 1/20/11

Inside LSU Basketball with Coach Trent Johnson for January 16th, 2010


Still no OC to announce, and really no concrete change to report. Scott Loeffler, the QB coach at Florida, is a newer name being thrown around for....something. Honestly, with the press and message boards coming up with new names every few hours, no one seems to know anything at this point and there doesn't seem to be any indications the job will be wrapped up soon. ATVS staffers are generally in agreement that it probably won't happen until Signing Day or shortly after, most likely due to the slight recruiting advantage Miles gets now that we are down a coach. We'll keep you posted if something solid happens, but it could be a long wait.

Some clarification on the LSU-ARK game move, it will be on Friday for the next 2 years, and both will be CBS 1:30 kickoffs. That leaves only 5 potential night games at home next season, and it's not looking good for a few of them. My early prediction (with no look at the rest of the league schedule): Northwestern St (7pm/TigerVision), Kentucky (Noon/ JP/LF/Raycom/ZOMBIE DAVE NEAL), Florida (7pm/CBS), Auburn (2:30pm/CBS), Western Kentucky(7pm/FSSW)

Joseph Barksdale and Terrence Toliver are playing in the East-West Shrine Game. And Pep Levingston has been invited to the Eastham Energy College Football All-Star Game in Tempe, which I'd never heard of till just now.

Stevan Ridley's choice to go pro isn't getting great reviews. Still, he'd be a great pick-up for the Saints in my mind (NOTE: In my mind, every great LSU player should be playing for the Saints)

Fanhouse picks LSU to win the league and go to the BCS Title Game. Team Speed Kills thinks we have the best chance to win the SEC, but we wont make it to the BCS Title game.

There will be more from Paul as Signing Day nears, but make note that O. Perry Walker DE Anthony "The Freak" Johnson and Lutcher WR Jarvis Landry were both upgraded to 5-stars by Rivals this week, which should set us up for another top 5 finish in recruiting this year.

Elliott Porter on being back at LSU:

"I'm great (with being here)," Porter said Wednesday. "I love it. This is my home. I don't hold any grudges. I want to get on with my career."


"It would have been better if I had (taken the grayshirt), but I don't regret anything I've done in the past. I'll just keep moving on."

As a walk-on, Porter will not be eligible for a scholarship until the 2013 season. He'll probably be on TOPS in the mean time.

EDSBS would like to remind everyone that Fulmer Cup season is in full effect, so keep Z. Mett outta Tigerland will ya?

Your final Alphabetical of the year, with a ringing endorsement of the Best Stop in Scott.

The Tiger Girls and Cheerleaders, after being the only school to place in the Top 5 in all 3 categories at the National Championships last weekend, are going to be in the Chinese New Year Night Parade in Hong Kong on Feb. 3rd.

NCAA rules for players are weird and confusing. See if you could be a student athlete and stay eligible with this quiz.

The Bylaw Blog has an interesting plan for how to pay college football players.

LSU Baseball debuts at #25 on Yahoo's preseason list, with a great breakdown of what the team will look like this year. In summation: Pitching better step it up.

Men's Basketball has no games this week, but will return Saturday in the PMAC against an Ole Miss squad that is now 0-4 in SEC play. Hotard at the Advoc has a good point that the UK loss, while bad, is no reason to give up hope. Lest we forget that terrible UGA team that streaked through the tournament a few years back and got the auto bid. At the game, the 1981 Final Four team will be celebrating it's 30th anniversary in person.

Dennis Harris, who was kicked off the team earlier this month for grades problems, is transferring to ARK St. to play for, yes, you guessed it, John Brady

The Lady Tigers are in the PMAC tonight against Ole Miss. The game will be live on Cox Sports at 7pm.

A bit of loosely related local news, Gov. Jindal is proposing a merger of UNO and SUNO followed by moving them both under the U of L system. Other factors for the move aside, I am unsure whether this would harm or help the already struggling and moving to D3 Privateers and their aspirations to upgrade their club football team to a varsity sport.