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Link Gumbo 1/26/11


A nightmare of a week for me folks. Let's get to it.

LSU's official signing day page is up and the 2 early enrolees Zach Mettenberger and Anthony Johnson are already on the board. We'll be doing another year of wall to wall coverage here at ATVS including open threads and the annual WALL-O-VIDEO.

Speaking of recruiting, LB CJ Johnson is going to end up at Ole Miss after a run in with Miss. St. fans on facebook.

And It's great to look back and remember one of Les Miles' best strengths: consistently excellent recruiting classes.

With all of the dust settled, Klienpeter at the Times-Pic finally had the time to do another great Film Study piece on the Cotton Bowl.

Drake Nevis is out of the Senior Bowl with a minor foot injury, but continues to practice ahead of the Draft.

We were going to face QB Barry Brunetti on the road this season, but now it looks like he'll be at Ole Miss instead of WVU.

The SEC West sucks at basketball. This you know and have heard before, but the perfect evidence was on display last night. UF and UGA had a thrilling double OT showcase while Arkansas had an uncomfortable win over an Auburn squad that went 0-22 shooting to start the 2nd half and had 1 point in the first 11 minutes of that half.

We've got a Bruce Pearl-less Vols team tonight at 7pm on the road.

Chris Johnson and Garrett Temple both got called up to the NBA on 10-day contracts with the Portland Trail Blazers and Milwaukee Bucks, respectively.

Coach Mainieri is a granddad! I'd say that's a future Tiger, but you know how it is with legacy scholarships these days...

Easton (the bat company) runs a good college baseball blog that tackles a daunting assignment: rank all 300 D1 college baseball teams. We come in at 30. Note that Tulane is down in the 70's, right under Northwestern St.

LA Tech and the rest of the WAC escaped utter destruction by the MWC yesterday. Let that be your final warning Tech, unless you WANT to play in the Sun Belt...

With the groundwork for The Longhorn Network put in place, rumors of A&M and others SECeding from the BigXII are picking up steam again.

Basketball on an aircraft carrier?! Why don't we move the craps tables and have LSU play Ole Miss on a riverboat?

Pictures from inside the newly remodeled Volleyball locker room. No, not those kind of pictures.

Despite losing at Texas A&M over the weekend, Men's T&F rose up to a #1 ranking thanks yet again to reigning NCAA hammer throw champion Walter Henning earning his return trip to the title meet in just the second week of the season.

Thoughts and prayers with the 12 Iowa football players who were hospitalized on Monday.