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Sorry for the quick and dry, it's a working weekend for me.

Ralston Turner FINALLY returns to the floor tonight after missing all of SEC play with that busted right foot, but he'll be without Storm Warren, who's still hurt. The Ginger Assassin Eddie Ludwig will get that start instead.

Meanwhile, Bama is leading the SEC West and coming off a break week following an impressive but close win over UK at home and playing spoiler at Auburn on the day of their championship celebration.

(Speaking of which, Auburn finally won an SEC game this afternoon, against an EAST TEAM (WHAAA!?) ON THE ROAD (WHAAA!?) BY MORE THAN 10 POINTS(*silently dumbfounded*))

Game is on FSN, so it's a crap shoot as to whether or not it is on your local FSN station. will still work though.