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Cotton Bowl Day 3 and 4 Media and The Cotton Bowl are continuously releasing videos of practice and the other events going on around Dallas this week. Here's a round up of some of the more interesting bits. You can find more in the GeauxZone or the Cotton Bowl's Youtube page



Day 3 Post-Practice Interview with Les Miles


Tour of Cowboy Stadium



Day 3 Practice Video



Tigers visit Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children



Media Day 1 - Les Miles Press Conference


Media Day 1 - Mike Sherman Press Conference


Behind the Scenes with Joe Barksdale

Barksdale is running a personal blog of his last days in an LSU uniform which you can read HERE.

Happy B-Day to Barksdale btw, who turned 22 yesterday.

This video gives a good look at what life is like for football players these days (keep an eye out for the Joe Alleva cameo