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Link Gumbo 1/6/11

Les Miles Cotton Bowl Press Conference 1/5/11


One more time, Miles to Michigan rumors are just that at this point, rumors. Here's a look at the people who are actually candidates for the job.

A full transcript of the above, including actual football questions, is available HERE.

Folks going to the Cotton Bowl should know that the DFW Alumni chapters have got some good deals on parking and pre and post game activities.

First we get our guy in the NCAA President's office, now the NCAA Lead Counsel is a Tiger as well.

The Ladies are on the road at SCar tonight at 6pm on FSN and

Trent Johnson had a press conference this week before league play begins and confirmed that Ralston is still out with a foot injury and Storm Warren is questionable as well. I'll say this for the game Saturday at Auburn, we haven't lost to anyone nearly as bad as Presbyterian.

Yahoo Sports has a great preview of the 2011 SEC baseball season, which starts in 40 days. And Mainieri had his annual Rotary dinner in front of a big crowd last night.

The final Les Miles Show for the season is tonight Live from the Chantilly Foyer at the Hilton Anatole at 6pm.


BOWL PICK'EM UPDATE: with 5 games left, over half the pool is still in the running for 1st place. Meanwhile, Who's got 2 thumbs, runs a blog, and is dead last with a 10-20 record?

*points to self* THIS GUY!