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GAMETHREAD: @ Auburn, 5pm, FSN, (Where Availible)



How convenient that league play begins the day after the Bowl. Theres no nice way to put it, but the non-conf didn't go well for LSU. Thankfully, we enter the much easier SEC West divisional schedule. With losses to North Carolina-Asheville, Samford, Campbell, Jacksonville, and Presbyterian, 7-7 Auburn is on pace for the worst RPI rating of a BCS conference school ever. Their best win is against Florida State last week. They rank in the 200's in most statistical categories (so do we, btw) And I think Auburn fans might have something else on their minds this weekend, so it won't be a big crowd in their new arena.

And the Saints game hasn't turned into a blowout yet, so most of you aren't watching either. *Sigh*

Still, It'll be nice to start conference play with a win.