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Initial Impression: LSU 35, Kentucky 7

T-Rex sets the LSU career forced fumble record.  (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
T-Rex sets the LSU career forced fumble record. (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Another game, another blowout win.

It's hard to say that this game was interesting at any point from a football standpoint.  LSU didn't quite blow Kentucky away, but more slowly and methodically asserted its dominance over an overmatched foe.  There was never a point in this game that the final result was in doubt: a big win for LSU.

Kentucky's offensive strategy seemed to be avoid the big play.  Which worked, I guess, for most of the game.  Kentucky steadfastly refused to open up the offense and risk a turnover, and barely gained any yards.  By the third quarter, UK slightly opened things up, and LSU got a big play and scored a defensive touchdown.

Yeah, that Tyrann Mathieu guy is pretty good. 

LSU dominated this game every way a team can dominate the game, and they did so without opening the playbook or even relying on the biggest names.  Spencer Ware spent most of the game on the bench. Reuben Randle caught only one pass.  This was not a game in which LSU slung it all over the place.  The team was so vanilla that you'd think it was auditioning for the cast of Friends.

Jordan Jefferson made his first appearance of the season and played well in limited action.  He scored a touchdown, and rushed for 29 yards on 4 carries.  He also did noting to unseat Jarrett Lee as a starting quarterback.  In fact, after Jefferson had a few successful running plays, Miles put Lee right back in the game to complete the drive.  It was like asserting that Lee is the starter.

Lee didn't have his best game as a starter, though.  He consistently threw off his back foot and delivered the ball extremely high.  Occasionally, a receiver would climb the ladder to bail out their QB, but not with any regularity.  Lee didn't play poorly, but he didn't exactly play well either.  He was just off target for the entire day.  

Still, even with the drops, Lee was able to pull out a few big plays, most notably to ODB and Randle, and posted an ATVSQBPI of 9.00 on the game.  He didn't complete a lot of passes, but the ones he did complete were for big yards.  All in all, he did exactly what you want your starter to do, he took advantage of his opportunities and put this game away.  

It was a big win over a completely outmatched foe.  Precisely what you want, as Kentucky never put up a threat, and didn't score until late in the fourth quarter, aided by a questionable pass interference call.  LSU isn't trying to win style points - Miles is just trying to get through with an eye towards the showdown with Florida next week.  Mission accomplished.

The less said about the boo birds, the better, but I'd be remiss if I didn't mention it.  Those of you who booed Jefferson are absolute morons.  Don't justify it.  You are a moron.  

LSU is 5-0 and Jarrett Lee is the starter.  Deal with it.