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Monday Press Lunch: Week 7 @ Tennessee - In Which Smacker Miles Swims Extra Laps

Starts at the 12 minute mark by correcting the "Fu Pa" from the Post Game and accuses Old Man Ted of being around for the Columbus landing. Says he would have made the same call on the taunting penalty. Kinda dodged a direct question about Ford not getting carries after the Fumble against Kentucky. Says Lonergan has an ankle sprain, but could return to practice later this week. Had tons of praise for Brandon Taylor and Spencer Ware. Shared a few funny stories at the 39:30 mark about how his family deals with the media attention from his job and a few ideas for taunting in Golf.


(Thanks to LSUFreek for the speedy gif'ing)


LSU Release [PDF] (when available)

Tennessee Release [PDF]

SEC Release [PDF] (when available) 


Football Ranked No. 1 in Initial Harris Poll

Blackwell Named SEC Lineman of the Week

LSU-Auburn to Kickoff at 2:30 p.m. on CBS

After the break, Post Game interviews with Jarrett Lee, Tyrann Mathieu, Rueben Randle, and Brandon Taylor.

WR Rueben Randle


S Brandon Taylor


CB Tyrann Mathieu


QB Jarrett Lee