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Monday Press Lunch: Week 8 v Auburn: "A Big Thong" and Strong Words for Texas and A&M


Starts at the 5 minute mark. At some point, you have to start wondering if he's doing it on purpose. But yes, he said thong, and the room had a good chuckle. Miles thanked the league office for the continued recognition for the O Line. LOTS of questions about the 2 QB system being successful (I smell newspaper columns) but the most important asked who would be the go to guy should things get tight late in a game, to which Miles answered plainly: "We'll lead with Lee." Miles really likes the competition at LB especially what he's seen from the younger guys like Kevin Minter and Tahj Jones. Miles named Will Blackwell as the 3rd starter at C should T-Bob and Lonergan still be hurt, but said that they expected Lonergan to practice today and he dismissed any idea of potentially resting someone instead of playing them against Auburn. Miles liked ODB in the return game and plans to give him more snaps there. Miles comments on the uniforms were interesting in that he made it clear that he doesn't like it when new uniforms make a team unrecognizable and also said he would not approve unis for LSU that did not look like something LSU should wear.


At the 31:30 mark Miles again expressed some of that surprising concern that he still carries for the well-being of his former conference home in the BXII, openly questioning the thoughts of both parties in the apparent decision this week to end the Texas-Texas A&M series. The Bottom Line: It's a sad moment for College Football and fans across the country if they can't work it out.


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