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Blog Pollin' Week 6

Everybody in the bottom half of the top 25 lost, it seemed, so I pretty much had to scrap my poll and start over.  Explanations after the jump.


1-5. Yes, that's Clemson at #3.  They have a terrific resume, and their Auburn win looks better now. It's a toss up between LSU and Clemson on who has the better resume.  Bama ascends to #1 because, well, they look awesome.  I have a feeling I'll keep flip flopping on Bama and LSU, but right now, Bama's ahead by a nose.

6-10. Stanford, OSU, and Boise all could be in the top 5.  It's fairly arbitrary right now, and I'm not decided on the order of the top 8.  After that, I'm a little perplexed.  Michigan's all the way in the top ten because, well, I gotta rank someone.

11-15.  I've been skeptical of both Texas and GT all year, but they climb dramatically due to the decimated bottom of the poll.  Seriously, who didn't lose?  Auburn returns to the poll with a big win.  Flukey?  Sure.  Still counts and their one loss is pretty darn good.

16-20.  It's not that VT, Florida, and Nebraska lost.  Losing is acceptable to a higher ranked team.  It's that they were absolutely destroyed.  They looked like speed bumps.  Of course, that says more about the gap between the top teams and everyone else.

21-25.  Ummm... yeah.  Why not?  I dropped Arkansas because I'm still not sold on them, despite the win over A&M.  Sorry.  Kansas St premiers and Michigan St returns as the Notre Dame loss looks more acceptable.  This poll, obviously, is quite fluid right now.