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Link Gumbo 10/20/11

Mo still needs your votes folks! She's still leading, but just barely.

Not much to add about the "possible" suspensions (officially, no one has been suspended for anything yet) that we haven't already said, other than the Times-Pic saying that the offending substance in question was synthetic marijuana. Not much else in the papers this morning, but it's not like Les gave them much to work with last night. As the guys at Saturday Night Slant put it, everyone just needs calm down a bit and let things play out.

The only real news from yesterday's press conference was that center PJ Lonergan is healthy and practicing at center again, with T-Bob working out at guard.

Only one really hostile caller for the radio show last night. At the 28:00 mark, a caller asks if Les is losing control of the team, and Les got a bit testy answering him. At the end of the day, it's really nothing, but on a night where the crazy calls didn't get through, it counts as the highlight. The show is posted after the break.

Transaction news from the NFL that I stumbled across this week: The Giants have cut Ryan Perrilloux from their practice squad.

In the Polls That Matter, LSU remains atop the BlogPoll Top 25 and the SEC Power Poll.

From last weekend's TAMU-Baylor game, SEC-level taunting.

The team might be focused on Auburn, but it's clear the fans are waiting for Nov. 5th. We've already got some cross-campus vandalism and sky-high ticket prices. Connelly at SBNation is already looking into the possible methods of beating the Tide.

It may be moot if Mizzou or someone else joins the conference soon, but the SEC is working on a few options for a 13 team schedule, none of which are ideal. Meanwhile, commentor Eggplant Wizard has an idea that does away with divisions altogether.  Speaking of realignment, we finally have an AD on record confirming the long rumored "Gentlemen's Agreement" about no SEC expansion in states that the conference is already in.

Thanks to a Top 5 finish in the Texas Regional Championship last weekend, the LSU fishing team has qualified for the National College Fishing championship which will occur sometime early next year.

There was one helluva melee at the end of the Southern-ARK Pine Bluff game last weekend.

The End Is Near, my friends. USL is ranked #32 in this weeks BCS standings

Not college football related at all, but (in my opinion) the greatest sports video game of all-time is finally coming back.

Mo Isom's final home game is tonight, as the soccer team tries to break a 4-way tie for the SEC title against South Carolina. The game is at 7pm and entry is free.

After the break, last night's coach's show and the second episode of Tiger Talk for the year, featuring S&C coach Tommy Moffitt and Soccer HC Brian Lee

The Les Miles Show - October 19th, 2011



Tiger Talk -10/19/11