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Initial Impressions: LSU 45, Auburn 10

I hate Auburn.

I hate them in a box, I hate them with a fox.  I hate them during the day, I hate them every which way. I hate their stupid Eagle, I hate that their title is technically legal. 

So I know I should say that it was wrong to run up the score against Auburn, and against most teams, I'd agree.  But screw Auburn.  They deserve a generation of pain solely for the Glenn Dorsey hit.  I will never oppose hating Auburn in any shape or form. 

Let's just say I enjoyed his game a lot.  Especially Kenny Hilliard blossoming into a power runner right before our eyes.  Where did that come from?  Hopefully, he can do that again, because Hilliard was just a punishing runner today, and his tough runs inspired Michael Ford to stop dancing around and start running hard as well.  It was beautiful to watch our power run game truly working at its maximum capacity. 

It's hard to pick out the stars.  Jarvis Landry was an absolute beast on special teams, laying some serious wood.  Especially for a freshman wideout.  Ron Brooks stepped in for his suspended teammates and played great throughout, even scoring a touchdown.  Reuben Randle turned in a great game. Barkevious Mingo was simply dominant on the defensive line.  JC Copeland busted holes so big that I could have run through them. Everybody was great.

This team just stepped up, and they stepped up huge.  Whenever there is the slightest bit of adversity, Les Miles teams come through.  This team took all of their frustrations out on Auburn, and it almost made you feel bad for the Tigers.


LSU is an 8-0 and 5-0 in the SEC.  No team has come closer than 13 points to LSU all year, and LSU has spent the year playing "name that score."  This team is absolutely killing its competition.  You can only beat the team in front of you, but LSU isn't just beating who is front of them, they are physically assaulting them.

This appears to be the best LSU team of my, or anyone's, life.  But no one will remember that if LSU loses to Alabama in two weeks.  This team has to beat a great Alabama team, win out, and then win th national title.  No pressure.  

Let the hype begin. This is going to be a very long two week wait.