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Link Gumbo 10/24/11


Les Miles Post-Game Comments

It's a bye week, so no Press Conference at Lunch today.


The difference in coaching styles between Miles and Saban is no more evident than in their post game comments this weekend. Above, Miles is relaxed, joking with the media and genuinely looking forward to coaching in this year's edition of "The Game of The Century". Saban, meanwhile, is telling everyone to "chill out" with all the hype.

The press is very good for LSU this week. And it should be with the amazing turnaround the offense has made this year.

There will be a lot of back and forth with the folks at Roll Bama Roll over the next two weeks. Take a look at this quick stat comparison of the two teams.

For their impressive performances, Brad Wing and Barkevious Mingo were named the SEC Special Teams and Defensive Line Players of the week.

LSU now stands alone as the #1 ranked team in all 3 polls and the BCS.

If there is one single saving grace to the utter rage I feel at CBS for both their in-game jokes about destroying 76 years worth of tradition and to them suddenly finding a way to play another SEC game at night, it's that the move will shift the Army-Air Force game into the CBS 2:30 time slot.

(Speaking of which, after this stunt being pulled, I never want to see another sad sap apology letter from the SEC or Joe Alleva about night games getting moved again. Clearly, if someone wants it bad enough, CBS games can, in fact, be played at night. If 76 years of tradition is on the line, you put your foot down, dammit.)

Thanks to another shutout performance by Mo Isom, LSU Soccer marked it's first ever victory against Florida to clinch their 4th SEC West title in 5 years. Mo still needs your votes for the Senior CLASS Award.

Postgame player interviews and a new Honey Badger video from the original's creator after the break

(Like the original, this one is NSFW)


WR Rueben Randel


QB Jarrett Lee


CB Ron Brooks


DE Barkevious Mingo