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Les Miles: "I Don't Recall That I Ever Suspended Them"



Yeah, Les Miles appears to be holding onto the notion that these are just crazy rumors we keep hearing about drug tests and whatnot, even going so far as to say, when asked point blank what exactly happened to the players who were suspended from the Auburn game, that he "Withheld them from Play." When someone tried the old end around with the Depth Chart question Miles responded that he hadn't checked depth chart lately to see if the 3 are back where they were. He did confirm that today was the 1st day back with the team for Tyrann Mathieu, Spencer Ware, and Tharold Simon. He also said that P.J. Lonergan could have played against Auburn, but wasn't needed, and that injured G Josh Dworaczyk is working on the sideline relaying calls from coach Stud to the O-Line. DE Kendrick Adams is "nicked" and worked out, but didn't take snaps. Miles also said that Barkevious Mingo is now ready to be an every down back and performed very well last week. He took a few more general questions about preparing for a game of this magnitude, etc., and even got another question about Mo Isom's chances as a kicker. (Y'all still need to keep voting for Mo, btw)


And now, here's some awesomeness from LSU's Film Dept.