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Monday Press Lunch: Week 6 v Florida - In Which Miles Calls Out The Boo Birds On Their Criminal Record



Begins at the 18 minute mark. Les is very much for the dropping of a permanent Eastern opponent in a 13 team league. Injury-wise, Spencer Ware's hammy looks to be minor. He may have missed practice today, but should return later this week and be available this weekend. Miles is flattered by the NFL talk, but nothing more. Oddly enough, the Jordan Jefferson questions were few and not until the end of the meeting. At 42:40 Miles confirms that the plan was to get him into the game early. At 44:48 Miles directly addresses a question about the booing in a method that we don't often see in these press conferences, basically saying that if fans are booing because of the playcalling it's nothing that he'd ever listen too and as for those booing Jefferson:

Jordan Jefferson didn't have a choice. I sent him in the game, OK, and when he went into the game, he'd already served a four-game suspension. He'd been through quite a lot and it appears to me that this thing's going to be a misdemeanor, not unlike a lot of the people in the stands who possibly had similar run-ins with the law, OK. Well, I suspect that they didn't get penalized nearly as significantly as this guy. And you'd like to think maybe that when he went onto the field that he was kind of easing some of those days where he wondered if he'd ever be back. And so I wanted to get him on the field as fast as I could because, you see I like Jordan Jefferson, and I think a mistake was made. And it's not one that he'll repeat.


LSU Release [PDF]

Florida Release [PDF]

SEC Release [PDF] (is mysteriously delayed, will be linked when available)

Football Remains No. 1 in AP Top 25; No. 2 Coaches

Montgomery Named SEC Lineman of the Week

LSU-Tennessee to Kickoff at 2:30 p.m. on CBS

After the break, Will Muschamp's Press Briefing, and Player Interviews with CB Tharold Simon, C P.J. Lonergan, CB Tyrann Mathieu, and QB Jarrett Lee

Florida HC Will Muschamp


CB Tharold Simon


C P.J. Lonergan


CB Tyrann Mathieu


QB Jarrett Lee