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LSU vs. Alabama Hype, As Interpreted by Old-School Pro Wrestlers, Part 3

We now present a word from the Four Horsemen...


J.J. Dillon: You know, November 5th is going to be a landmark day in the sport of college football, and it's going to be a landmark day in the state of Alabama. A landmark, because it's the day you're graced with the presence of greatness, it's the day that the Four Horsemen come to town!

Tully Blanchard: That's right, you see Alabama, you are steppin' on to the big stage, the big time, with the big time players in this sport. Myself, Arn Anderson, the Nature Boy, the Honey Badger, Slammin' Sam, we're not comin' to the Capstone Collision to play nice!

Arn Anderson: You can bet your bottom dollar on one thing Alabama, when the Four Horsemen come to your town, HELL IS COMIN' WITH ‘EM!

Everywhere we've gone, whether it was Dallas, Mississippi, Tennessee, even the wilds of West Virginia, we've done what we want, to who we want! You see, backin' words up with action is a code that the Horsemen live by. We're an organization that stands for excellence, that stands for being the best of the best! We've all sacrificed...spent the time in the gym, the time in the film room to be the measuring stick for this business! That's what these four fingers stand for!

/group holds up the "4" sign


Rick Flair: Lemme tell ya somethin' here! The credentials. Of this organization. Are unlimited. Let's look at the resume. Chip Kelly, LaMichael James, Geno Smith, Holgorsen, we're talkin' about some of the best names in this sport, and we beat ‘em all. So what does that make us?

And Double-A, the Enforcer, he said it right! When the Horsemen come to your town, it's only the best! And WOO! When we come to Tuscaloosa, it'll be long limousines, cruisin' down Magnolia Drive, and every co-ed LININ' UP! Because we're custom made from head to toe, we do what we want, and when you ride with the Horsemen, it's champagne, Rolexes and WOOO! All night long!

Girls, when you see that limo, I want you to keep somethin' in mind. You have to be between the ages of 18 and 28, and you gotta be able to WALK THAT AISLE with the best of the best! And just maybe, WOO! Just maybe, you can take a ride on Space Mountain!

As for Alabama! You wanna take the field against the best, well you better bring it brother! BECAUSE WHETHER YOU LIKE IT, OR WHETHER YOU DON'T, LEARN TO LOVE IT. ‘CAUSE IT'S THE BEST. THING. GOING. TODAY. WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!