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Link Gumbo 10/31/11 - Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! via <a href=""></a>
Happy Halloween! via

Light Gumbo the morning as there is a press conference this afternoon.

Word came down from Mike Scarborough of Tiger Bait that Tom Ritter will be the lead official of the LSU-Bama game. In case you forgot here is one of Tom Ritter's greatest accomplishments. Those of you telephoning the SEC Office this morning ((205) 458-3000) should know to ask for Steve Shaw.

As was foretold, all Polls have held steady at the top as expected, setting up the #1 vs #2 Game of The Century (anyone else notice on CBS this weekend that they are literally branding it the Game of The Century, with a logo and everything?)

The Wall Street Journal asks if it's even possible to have a Game of The Century in this day and age.

The "Les Miles IS Bo Schembechler with better athletes" meme has been rolling around the LSU community for a few months now. Yesterday in The Advocate, Rabalais brought up an interesting idea, asking if we are witnessing in LSU-Bama a reincarnation of the Ten-Year War.

We'll be collaborating on an item or two with the folks at Roll Bama Roll this week, where the corndog jokes start early and where some fans have already lost their minds due to the hype.

It was SEC Basketball Media Day last week, but the only local media that went to it was the student radio and TV stations. You can see video of both the Men's and Women's teams at the gathering in Hoover at those links. The Lady Tigers will start the season ranked #21 in the AP and begin their season in the PMAC on Wednesday night against Xavier.

LSU Soccer ended the season with a 3-0 win at ARK, giving them a #2 finish in the SEC for the season. They also have the #2 seed in the SEC tournament, which begins this Wednesday in Orange Beach, AL. And Hey! Go vote for Mo!

Sunday was forgettable for reasons most of you know (St. Louis? ST. LOUIS!?) but at least PP7 is still ZOD.

Enjoy the rest of your Halloween, and click here if you want to see something truly frightening.