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Monday Press Lunch: Week 9 @ Bama - In Which Miles Will Not Suffer An Orange Shirt




Starts at the 14 minute mark.

Not a whole lot to glean here this week, except for the Miles-isms. Starts off by commenting on how well the U-High Cubs passing offense is working with Kragthorpe at QB and Miles at receiver. He's got plenty of respect for Saban and his team, but doesn't send him letters. Lee Feinswog asks the suspension question this week and Miles calls him out for his horrendous choice of attire. He also gave the roundabout answer that yes, all three will play. Miles also believes that the loser this weekend still has a legitimate shot of a rematch in New Orleans for the title game. Best quote, when asked about how the Defense makes so many turnovers, he said it was because "The contact that takes place when our defense is on the field is very sincere."  At the end when asked a question about twitter, Miles comments that he's had an account for ten years and that he told the team that they didn't need any "twitter personalities" this week.

Overall, the best way to describe Miles' mood is excited and a bit goofy, so just your normal game week.


LSU Release [PDF]

Alabama Release [PDF]

SEC Release [PDF]



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Further player interviews and Saban's PC after the break as they become available.

Update 8:30pm Saban PC now posted

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