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Link Gumbo 10/6/11

via <a href="">@ErinAndrews</a>
via @ErinAndrews
Erin Andrews was on campus yesterday for interviews with Tyrann Mathieu and Coach Miles that will air during Gameday this weekend.


Just your usual friendly banter during the coach's show last night (with a properly attired wait staff to boot). Ware and Ford will be ready for the weekend but he also expects Magee to get some snaps. With a win this weekend, LSU becomes bowl eligible and Les Miles will be halfway (68) to Cholly Mac's win total (137). When asked about there being more reverses and sweeps in the game plan with Sheppard and Jefferson back on the team, Miles nearly refused to answer. There's a chuckle-worthy story Miles shares about the bus drives in for home games and some of the "colorful" fan interaction that happens on Dalrymple Dr. It's posted after the break

Miles also had a post practice press conference yesterday where he said that Craig Loston and T-Bob Hebert also practiced this week and are cleared to play. He also gave a bit of the back story to the team chain (seen here) in the team meeting room. It's also after the break.

This next bit doesn't go after the break. On his 23rd birthday and little more than a year after the car accident that nearly took his leg, Chad Jones ran a 4:84 40-yard dash on a track in New Orleans, a shade over his 4:57 time from his LSU Pro Day run back before the 2010 Draft. Chad maintains his hope of returning to the NY Giants roster next season and with progress like this I think it's going to happen. 

Speaking of former Tigers getting their lives back on track, The Shreveport Times caught up with late 90's WR Larry Foster, who's working on getting his degree and mentoring kids after losing it all in Katrina.

Ignoring the Honey Badger hype, SI's Andy Staples sees Tyrann Mathieu being more like Yoda.

I don't know what's more entertaining: That after a blowout loss to Army, Tulane once again has a losing record; or that after 3 straight years of bad Septembers, the Greenies seem to finally be pissed about it.

Actually, what's more entertaining is watching what appears to be the final death throws of Houston Nutt's time at Ole Miss. From vaguely threatening letters from the chancellor to Nutt's own depressing comments, it appears The Right Reverend is not long for this world.

While hapless on the football field, Vandy still has an embarrassingly large war chest to work with, so of course they have a recruiting helicopter.

We love Senior Soccer Goalkeeper Mo Isom around here and it was amazing to read the SI article that came out last week about all the tragedy that she's had to deal with in her personal life while still in college and playing for LSU. Oddly coincidentally, it was announced earlier this week that Isom is up for the Lowe's Senior CLASS award, and is not surprisingly running away with the fan vote. In other great soccer news, Taryne Boudreau has been named an SEC and National player of the week for two straight weeks of conference play and the team has climbed to a #18 ranking in the NCAA's RPI. The team is on the road in conference play for the next 2 weekends before returning to face S Car at home on Oct. 20th. 

In local news, you may have heard that it's now called the Mercedes-Benz SuperDome, which I hate(but at least it saves the state some money.)

Though Mizzou has entered the "actively looking" stage, the SEC AD's are pressing on without them to work on 13 team schedules for next season.

As this graphic shows, conference realignment really isn't anything new.

After the break, a great trailer for the next installment in the SEC Storied series, which is about the birth of the SEC Championship game.


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