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Initial Impressions: LSU 41, Florida 11

LSU just blew out Florida.  That only happens about once a decade, if you're lucky, and it hasn't happened at home in nearly 30 years.  Florida is the measuring stick by which LSU judges itself.  It is a program that has consistently be at the top of the SEC for three decades, so it's a good program to measure yourself by.

Well, LSU came out today and took Florida behind the woodshed.  This game wasn't even as close as the score, and the score wasn't close.  Jarrett Lee threw a long bomb on the first drive for a touchdown, Spencer Ware ran the ball up the gut for another TD on the second, an the game was pretty much over from the first quarter on.

LSU was playing the "run the clock" offense from that point on.  LSU threw 14 passes, and ran the ball 49 times.  That pretty much shows how much of an offensive shell the team went into.  And LSU still won by 30 points. 

This is a great team, folks. 

I hate to look past Tennessee and Auburn, who both present their own challenges, but LSU should be undefeated headed to Alabama.  A whole season on the line in Tuscaloosa.  This team just has to stay focused to make that showdown happen.

Les Miles once again displayed his touch, and managed the QB situation masterfully.  Jefferson saw meaningful action, gave the offense a spark when it needed it, but Jarrett Lee also asserted himself as the team starter.  Both of these guys probably walk out of this game with more confidence.  How often does that happen in a two-QB situation?

This team is really, really good and they really, really know it.  they came out wanting to make a statement against a team that traditionally gives LSU fits.  And what a statement they made.  Sure, the defense lost a little bit of focus and actually allowed points, but when this game was still in question, they just smothered the Florida offense.

This was a dominating performance by a dominating team.  I hate to look ahead, but I'm looking ahead.  This team might be the best LSU team of Miles' tenure, and that is no small compliment.  

We just blew out Florida.  Why are you reading this?  Let's go out and celebrate!