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Initial Impressions: LSU 42, WKU 9

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It's nice to be writing the game story during the fourth quarter again, taking the final minutes of the game as easy as I can.  No stress in this one, as LSU rolled an inferior yet valiant opponent.  Sure, WKU made it close for a half, but this one was never really in doubt.

LSU looked sluggish in the wake of the win in the Game of the Century of the Week.  It's hard to blame them.  Alabama was the big game on the schedule, so taking a collective sigh of relief while playing Directional State is to be expected -- not to mention how banged up the team probably is from such a hard hitting game. 

What I'm saying is, let's spot the team a half of unfocused, uninspired football.  It happens, and if you're gonna have a hangover, have a hangover against a Sun Belt team.  That way, when you do collect yourself, you can still win by about 30 points. 

To be fair to WKU, they played hard and tough.  WKU, especially in the first half, was able to move the ball up and down the field, and exposed the weaknesses in LSU's defense -- they attacked us with their tight end, and Jack Doyle was a big factor in that first half.  They played to win, didn't back down, and can walk out of Tiger Stadium with their heads held high. 

But the second half exposed the gigantic chasm between the two team's depth charts.  WKU tired and wilted a bit, and Doyle stopped making catches. On the other side of the ball, LSU went to its deep stable of backs and tonight it was Alfred Blue's turn to have a big game.  The defense forced some turnovers, Blue broke some big runs, and the game was suddenly a rout. 

As you can probably tell, I'm trying to not talk about the quarterbacks.  I am genuinely surprised that Jarrett Lee didn't see any action until the fourth quarter.  He looked a little rusty, but he guided the offense with aplomb.  Even ran the option with authority.  Jefferson was also pretty good, throwing a nice deep ball and doing his best to stay in the pocket.  He still made some poor decisions, like that safety, but this was the first time all year it seemed he had the authority to sling the ball around.  And he did that pretty well. 

Jefferson seems like he's the starter, but I have a bit more faith in Lee.  Jefferson seems to need a receiver to be wide open for him to throw the ball, while Lee has the ability "to throw a guy open."  Of course, that means Lee is more likely to throw a pick, but he's also more likely to have a big play.  It's hard to draw any conclusions against the Hilltoppers. 

LSU is 10-0.  It wasn't a pretty win, but the theme of the day was merely survival, so I'll certainly take it.  It's not about pretty.  It's about winning.