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Blog Pollin Week 12

As always, explanations after the jump.  


1-5.  No real surprises.  Okie St. moves to #2 on the strength of eviscerating Tech.  OU and UO are a coin flip, but I'd move OU ahead if they beat OSU.  Right now, the Ducks have the better win.

6-10.  Arkansas leads the pack  Clemson still holds the head to head edge over VT.  Houston is the prime beneficiary of poll inertia -- hey, not losing is a real skill this year.  

11-15. Boise drops out of the top 10, and I might drop them further in the coming weeks.  I also like ranking the two USC's back to back.  

16-20.  The Big Ten logjam.  Yeah, I have no way to separate these teams as they don't have any big OOC wins to distinguish themselves.  

21-25.  The chaff.  I seriously ran out of teams.  Notre Dame?  Blech.  But it was either that or TCU.  Or Texas.  Or Auburn.  Or WVU.  None of those excite me either.