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The Gauntlet Begins; LSU vs. Coastal Carolina; 6pm; Radio Only

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The Fighting Tigers of LSU play their first of four games in the Palmetto State today at 6:00 against the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers.  LSU will play four games in the next 6 days, as they are participants in the 2011 Charleston Classic.  As the commentators will probably point out about ten times during the game, the Chanticleer is a rooster from a story written by Chaucer.  The Chanticleers started off this season with a couple of blowouts over some D-3 teams.  LSU should probably be considered the first real game for CCU.

Last year, Coastal visited Baton Rouge and left with a 78-69 overtime win.  It was a game in which LSU was out-rebounded by 11 and shot the ball very poorly.  Don't be confused though, prior to losing Desmond Holloway to a mid-season suspension, Coastal was an NCAA tournament team.  The Chanticleers' record crested at 24-2, before dropping a few more including the Big South Championship on their home floor to UNC-Asheville.  They followed that up with a first round loss to Alabama in the NIT.

This was a game that I thought LSU would lose when I wrote the Out of Conference preview a couple of weeks ago.  In all honesty, I would like to revise that pick.  LSU really showed a lot of promise in the first game against Nicholls.  Nearly every player had a great game on Saturday, and there's really no reason for me to think that they will take a step back today.  They made quite a bit of three pointers, but since many of them were open shots, I'm confident that they will continue to shoot well.

Consistency is something that coaches of any sport will often point to as a reason for success, and LSU was quite consistent in the first game.  The Tigers outscored Nicholls by 11 points in each half of the game on Saturday.  Part of the reason was a respectable 13 turnover difference in the game.  LSU finished the game with only 9 total turnovers.

Unfortunately for LSU fans, there is no TV available for this game, unless you happen to live nearby CCU where it is available on the local channel.  It will only be available on 100.7 in Baton Rouge, or on the Geaux Zone radio from LSU Athletics.   We will be getting TV for the following game against the Northwestern Wildcats in what looks to be a great game between un-ranked major conference schools.  That game will be on ESPNU at 2:00 CT.